Scheduler Changes

New Grouping View

  • A new Grouping option called ‘Base Department Resource’ has been added. In this view it is possible to see the tasks assigned to the resources across a base and a department.

Ability to automatically add shift code for resources

  • When a resource is assigned to a scheduled task, it is now possible to update the roster automatically with a defined shift code and associated shift times, including pre and post duty times around the task start/end times:

  • This can be configured for each scheduled task type in ‘Task Type Setup’:

Shortcut to create shifts in the scheduler (Quick create menu).

  • It is now possible to roster shifts directly from the scheduler rather than going to the roster.

  • Note that this option will only available when the scheduler view selected is the new ‘Base Department Resource’ view

Pre-defined locations

  • When creating a scheduled task and allocating Leg Destinations, it is now possible select from only locations defined in the location register.

  • This setting is available for per task type and is configured in Task Type Setup.

  • To facilitate this, the locations defined in the location register should be tagged as ALA or HLA.


Scheduler Import

  • The ability to import a schedule has been added:

  • The import file will need to be in .CSV format. A guide and example file can be viewed to assist with the creation of this file:

Schedule validation and Fatigue Management

  • A new function is available called ‘Perform Validation’ to perform a schedule validation across all scheduled tasks. A new pop-up window will appear which shows the warnings and the exceedances of any tasks.

  • In this validation view, it is possible to filter which validation ‘status’ one would like to see. Tasks can also be edited directly in this view.

  • Validation can also be performed in the ‘Resources’ tab of the individual task:

  • In addition to the above, when selecting a resource for a task, it is now possible to see their Work Practice ‘status’ in the drop down menu:

  • This is a global setting which can be enabled in the Scheduler Global Settings. Please note, turning this option on may affect loading time of the names displayed in the drop down list.

Schedule Publishing

  • To limit or control the schedule visibility while it is being built, new feature called ‘Schedule Publishing’ has been added.

  • Using this feature, it is possible to publish scheduled tasks for a predefined period.

  • Scheduler publishing can be enabled in the Scheduler Global Settings page.

Schedule Acknowledgements

  • It is now possible for individuals who have been allocated a task in the scheduler to ‘acknowledge’ and accept the task.

  • Acknowledgement notifications can be sent out via SMS and/or email. Acknowledgements can be acknowledged by clicking a link in these notifications, or by right clicking on task in the ‘My Schedule’ view and selecting ‘Acknowledge’:

  • Acknowledgements can be configured per task. It is possible to define when acknowledgement is required (e.g. upon task creation, upon change in details):

  • The Acknowledgement tab will need to be added for each task type this function is required for:

  • Additionally, if the tasks are not acknowledged by the resource(s), it is possible send a reminder before a predefined time of task initiation as an email or/and a SMS to the resource(s).

  • Reports and graphical representations to indicate if the tasks are acknowledged or not can be found in a new tab in the Scheduler titled ‘Acknowledgement Report’:

Duty Change Report

  • A new tab in the scheduler titled ‘Duty Change Report’ will display any changes that have been made to scheduled tasks and by whom.

  • The report can be filtered by date period and personnel.