Create Task Type

When a new task type is created, it must contain a unique identifiable name. The name assigned to the task type is displayed in the scheduler.

Managing Task Types

Task types are used in the Scheduling module to organise common company tasks. Each task type can be associated with a set of resource requirements (aircraft and personnel), notification options and custom fields. An instance of a task type with associated resource requirements, notification rules and custom fields is then created in the scheduler.

It is important that the task types are configured according to the organisational requirements, before using the Scheduling module.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Select  General >  Setup > Scheduling. The Scheduling Setup screen is displayed.
  2. Select the Task Types tab.

  3. Click . A new row is displayed in the Task Types grid.

  4. Enter a unique identifier for the task in the Task Type text box.
  5. Select the Don’t allow resources to multitask option to prevent resources being assigned to this task if they are already assigned to an existing task during the same period.
  6. Select the Ensure resources are rostered option to ensure that resources being assigned to this task are rostered for duty on the associated day.
  7. Select the Link to sunrise times option to link the task start time to the calculated sunrise time of the base location.
  8. Select the Link to sunset times option to link the task end time to the calculated sunset time of the base location.
  9. Use the colour swatches to set a text and background colour for the task type.
  10. Select the Active tick box if this task type is to be available immediate for scheduling.

  11. Click Apply []. The new task type is displayed in the task type grid.

  • The Link to sunrise times and Link to sunset times options are only available if the Display Sunrise/Sunset Times in Scheduler option is enabled via Manage > Setup… > Scheduling > Global Settings.

Video Guide:

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