Setup Safety Report Categories

Air Maestro allows the reporter to categorise the safety event when submitting a safety report. This option is only available to the reporter, if you have enabled the Category field for the safety report. The categories are customisable for each organisation.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Select General → Setup → Safety Options. The Global Settings tab is displayed.
  2. Select the Report Categories tab.

  3. Expand the category corresponding with the required report type.

  4. Right-click on the category name and select ‘Add Category’. The Add Safety Category dialog box is displayed.

  5. Enter the new category name in the Category Name text box.

  6. Click [Add Category]. The new category is added to the tree.

  7. Repeat Steps 3-7 to add additional categories for each safety report type.

    To rename an existing category, right-click the category and select ‘Rename Category’. Edit the category name and click [Update].

Safety Reporting Module Guide: