Setup Safety Report Authorities

Air Maestro allows authorised personnel to send a copy of selected safety reports to authorities via email. Sample authorities include: CASA/CAA/FAA, ATSB, external auditors, customers etc. When a safety report is submitted, the reporter (if enabled in the Global Settings tab) or the safety champion / investigator have the option to notify the authority of the safety event. Report authorities can differ for each report type.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Select General → Setup → Safety Options. The Global Settings tab is displayed.

  2. Select the Report Authorities tab.

  3. Click [+Add Authority].

  4. Complete the relevant fields for the authority.




    Enter the authority name.

    Email Address

    Enter the email address for the authority. The system will email all reports to this email address when requested.


    Enter a description of the authority. For example, CASA Flight Inspector, Auditor, Customer.

    Report Types

    Select which report types relate to this authority. For example, if you select ‘Flight’ and ‘Defect’ you will only be able to submit reports to this authority which are flight or defect reports.


    Select whether this authority is active and should be selectable during the authority submission.

  5. Click [].

  6. Repeat Steps 3-5 to add additional report authorities.

Safety Reporting Module Guide: