Disable Personnel

Personnel must be disabled rather than deleted. When an end date is entered in the employment history, the person is disabled on the system when the end date elapses. This ensures that historical data is maintained and the user can be easily re-enabled if they resume employment with the organisation.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Select  Operations >  Personnel. The Personnel screen is displayed.

  2. Browse for the required personnel record.

  3. Click [Details] to view detailed personnel information. 

  4. Click [Personnel Wizard] in the Personnel Profile pane. The Personnel Wizard is displayed.

  5. Click the Pencil icon in the Employment History field. The fields in the Employment History section are enabled.


  6. Click Calendar icon in the End Date field. The calendar pop-up is displayed.

  7. Select the last date of employment for the user using the calendar pop-up.


  8. Click  to proceed

  9. Click [Next]. The confirmation dialog box is displayed.

  10. Click [Next Step (Access Levels)]. The Access Levels screen is displayed.

  11. Click Home in the breadcrumb trail to return to the Home screen.

Video Guide:

Personnel Module Guide: