Department Usage in Air Maestro

  • Personnel Picker custom fields (used for selecting people throughout the program - Flight records, timesheets, safety reports, forms, etc)
  • Allocation of Recency and Recency Notifications
  • Access Levels – when Modify of View ‘Selection’ is used, the ‘selection’ lets you choose departments.
    1. Access Levels
    2. Discretion Reports
    3. Leave Management
    4. Personnel Management
    5. Recency Dashboards
    6. Creating Manual Alerts
    7. Exams
    8. Crew Duty Details
    9. Crew Flight Details
    10. Forms
    11. Locations Register
    12. Personnel Management
    13. Recency and Recency Check forms
    14. Safety Reporting and confidential information
    15. Scheduling
  • Rostering – grouping of personnel by department

  • Timesheets – the layout and setup of these are department-specific.

  • Department Roles can also be set up per Location, i.e. ‘Base/Department Managers’. These are in turn references in relation to notifications of Discretion Reports, Recency Notifications, Leave Approval and Roster Managers.