Modify Endorsements

  1. Select  Operations >  Personnel. The Personnel screen is displayed.

  2. Filter the Personnel screen according to your requirements.

    • Enter filter criteria in the text box and click [Filter].

    • Select a value from the Department drop-down list to view personnel located within a particular department.

    • Select a value from the Base drop-down list to view personnel located at a particular base location.

    • Select the Show In-Active tick box to include personnel that have been de-activated on the system. This includes personnel which have ceased employment with your organisation.

  3. Click [Details] to view detailed personnel information. If you do not have the required access level to view personnel details, a warning is displayed.

  4. Select ‘Endorsements’ from the Personnel Profile pane. The My Endorsements screen is displayed.

  5. Edit the endorsements as required

    • To remove an endorsement, select the endorsement in the Current Endorsements pane and click [Delete]

    • To assign an aditional endorsement, click [Add Endorsement+] in the Current Endorsements pane. Locate the endorsement, select it and click [Confirm] and then [Save]