Ability to Lodge 'Confidential' Safety Reports.

A new checkbox has been added in ‘Safety Options’ page, to enable/ disable the ability to lodge confidential reports. If the below checkbox is ticked, then safety reports that are marked as Confidential will be hidden from all the users except Champion, Investigation personnel, Signoff personnel and the reporter/ submitter of that report instance.

Users need to tick the ‘Confidential’ checkbox when lodging the safety report.

If the ‘Hide confidential reports from anyone other than: champions, investigators, sign-off personnel, and the reporter/submitter’ is not ticked, ticking the ‘Confidential’ button will do the below function as explained in the tooltip message. This is the same functionality that was available prior to this update.

Note: If required, users can enable ‘Confidential’ and ‘Anonymous’ checkboxes at the same time.