Flight Records Changes

Ability to expand all sections of flight record when editing.

  • Previously when editing a flight record, the flight-legs had to be expanded separately. With this update, the whole record, including the legs, now opens with view/edit.

Default Custom Time Calculated Field into Crew Details Hours

  • Crew details (Day/ Night Flight Hours) now can be updated from the leg times. This function can be turned on in Flight Record Setup:

Ability to hide scheduled task types if those are not flight related.

Currently all scheduled task types are shown in the ‘Scheduled Task’ section. These scheduled tasks may contain non-flight related tasks. With the new Air Maestro release, it is possible to define whether a scheduled task type is flight related (or not) and, if so, only those task types will be displayed in the flight record module. Nominating whether the task is flight related or not can be done in the Scheduler Task Type Setup.