Document Library Changes

Distribution list

  • With the 3.7 release, you can maintain a distribution list for each document. This will maintain a record of all intended recipients for the document, the type of the document and the status of the distribution (i.e., the ability to acknowledge the receipt of physical documents as well). Distribution Lists can be enabled in the Document Library Setup:

Custom Fields now Available

  • Custom fields have now been added to the document library. There is an additional control also available called ‘Librarian Notes’. These custom fields can be built, edited, etc. in the Document Library Setup.

  • It is now possible to add or remove columns from the document library table by clicking ‘Pick Columns’ button. This is the same functionality that was already available in other modules such as Flight Records and Safety Report register.

  • Functionality has been added to track and revise non-electronic media types as well (i.e. USBs/ CDs/ DVDs/ Physical document…etc.)

 Indication of missing contact information

  • Previously, when sending a document alert, there was no way for the sender to know if a contact and/or personnel record had an email configured in their profile. This update resolves this issue with the introduction of an indicator showing any person who does not have an email address.

Hide folders that user has no access to

  • Previously, if a user has no access to a folder in the document library, it was still displayed in the tree as a greyed-out folder. In this update, the user will not see these folders unless it contains a child-folder to which they have view or greater access.