Miscellaneous Changes on Work Practices

  1. A new setting has been added to the Rest Proceeding Shifts and Rest Preceding Shifts controls:

This new setting will allow you to specify if a pilot will require extra rest for performing Duty (or FDP) within a specified time frame (e.g. if this was set to read “+1 minutes for ever 1 mins of Duty worked between 2200 - 0600” then the system will add a minute to the calculated rest required for every minute of Duty (or FDP) worked in that time).


2. In addition to this, the following settings have been added to these controls to allow for assessing the rest required based on Duty (or FDP) performed on the previous day as opposed to the current day:


An additional option to select for creating a condition (e.g. If Previous Duty is less than X hours)

An option to select whether the setting mentioned in Point 1 will assess the Duty (or FDP) on the current day or the previous day.