Signing Off Check Forms

If you are required to sign-off a check form, you are notified of this requirement via an Air Maestro alert and email.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Select Operations > Check Forms. The Check Form Templates tab is displayed.

  2. Select the Check Forms tab to view all submitted forms you have access to view.

  3. Enter the required date in the Date From and Date To fields to review check forms for a particular period. Note that by default this screen is filtered to check forms completed within the last week.

  4. Clickto refresh the screen and view check forms for the selected date range.

  5. Clickcorresponding with the required check form. The selected check form is displayed.

  6. Scroll to the Sign-Off pane.

  7. Click your name in the Sign-Off pane. The Report Sign-Off dialog box is displayed.

  8. Enter your password in the Password text box.

  9. Click. The Sign-Off pane is updated with the text ‘Approved’ and the date you sign-off the check form next to your name.

Check Forms Module Guide: