Forms Changes

Zoll Monitor Integration

  • Air Maestro now has the capability to read and store patient health related parameters from Zoll monitors via the Cloud.

  • A dedicated setup page has been introduced to define the Zoll setup integration.


Access Levels per Tab

  • It is now possible to define View and Edit access for each tab in a form. This is configured per Form Type in the ‘Forms Tabs’ area of the form Set up page:

Color-coded Form Register Rows

  • Custom List Fields (such as Drop down list, radio button, etc.) now have the ability to have a value linked to a colour.

  • This colour will be used to highlight the whole row in the Form Register. This may help identify forms of a particular status of priority.

Forms Export

  • A new option has been added to Forms allowing the export of a form, which can then be saved in Word or PDF format.

  • A standard Air Maestro template is available, or a customised one can be created via the Forms Setup menu.