Recency Changes

Ability to conduct Recurrent Simulator Checks (RSC).

  • Air Maestro has added the ability to see the earliest and latest dates for which these recency items can be performed. This can be turned on per item in Recency Setup:

Copy recency items from person to person

  • On the Recency Setup page of an individual’s profile, it is now possible to simply copy the recency items and structure from another individual’s profile in Air Maestro. This is done via the Personnel Wizard.

New Setting for New Starters

  • Often, when a person starts with a company, they are not current on all required items. This new setting not flag a recency item on that individual’s profile as ‘red’ while they are working up initially being current on that item.

  • Thereafter, once they have achieved currency on this item, it will turn red if it expires.

  • If this setting is enabled, and the total count is less than the target count, then the total count is used as the target count, otherwise it's the actual target count. Also, if it's enabled and the total count is less than the target count, then the actual count is used as the warning count, otherwise it's the warning count.

  • This needs to be used in conjunction with the ‘Supress alerts for recency items that have never been conducted’ setting found in the Recency Settings/Roles tab of the Recency setup page: