Entering pilot hours brought forward

Before users start entering their flight and duty times in the timesheet, it is advisable that the log book is updated with their total flying hours and also the flight time in the last 365 days. The information entered on this screen is used to provide a summary of flying experience and to estimate status against certain work practice controls.

  1. Select Operations > People > Personnel. The Personnel screen is displayed.

  2. Browse for the required user in the Personnel screen.
    To quickly find a particular user without browsing the register, use the Quick Find feature. Select ‘People’ from the first drop-down list and select the required user from the second drop-down list.

  3. Click [Details] to view detailed personnel information. If you do not have the required access level to view personnel details, a warning is displayed.

  4. Select ‘Log Book’ from the Personnel Profile pane. The Log Book screen is displayed.

  5. Click [Hours Brought Forward]. The Hours on Type pane is enabled.

  6. The fields in the rows are now enabled for editing. If the user has other endorsements that are not displayed on this screen, you must assign the endorsements in the Endorsements screen.

  7. Enter the total flying time for the selected endorsement in the Day and Night fields for the Command, ICUS, Dual, Co-pilot and Instrument columns.

  8. Repeat steps 6-7 for each endorsement
    If you are unable to provide the flying totals per endorsement type, skip Steps 6-8 and enter the total flying

    hours in the Bulk Instrument Hours and Bulk Aeronautical Experience fields.

  9. Enter the total landings and take-offs in the relevant fields.

  10. Enter the total number of hours flown in each month for the past 12 months in the relevant fields.

    The system automatically displays fields for the last 12 months. The hours entered in these fields are not included in any totals. They are used to determine compliance with specific work practice controls. For example, a control may require a maximum of 900 total flying hours in the last 365 days.

  11. Click Edit [] corresponding with the required task type. The fields in the selected row are enabled.
    To setup additional tasks, select Manage > Setup… > Timesheets. Select the Flight Tasks tab. Enter the new task in the Pilot Flight Tasks Setup pane and click [Add].

  12. Enter the total task time for each of the endorsements.

  13. Click [ ] to save the totals for the task. Click [ ] to cancel the changes.

  14. Repeat Steps 11-13 for the remaining tasks.

  15. Click [OK].