Setup Sunrise/Sunset Options

Air Maestro’s Scheduling module includes a feature to calculate the sunrise and sunset times at each base location for scheduled tasks.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Select  General >  Setup > Scheduling. The Scheduling Setup screen is displayed. The Sunrise/Sunset Options pane is displayed adjacent to the Scheduling Options pane.

  2. Select the Display Sunrise/Sunset Times in Scheduler option to view the sunrise and sunset times at the base corresponding with the scheduled task.

  3. Select the applicable option from the Zenith drop-down list.

  4. Enter the required offset for the sunrise and sunset times in the Apply offset of text box.

  5. Select the applicable rounding options for the sunrise and sunset times in the then round and to the nearest text boxes.

  6. Click .

  • To calculate the sunrise/sunset times for a base location, ensure the GPS co-ordinates and the time zone are set for the location. Set the GPS co-ordinates via Operations > Locations > All Locations > Location Details. Set the time zone via Operations > Locations > Bases > Base Details.

Video Guide:

Scheduling Module Guide: