Aircraft Rego List is Empty When Adding Flight in Timesheets


When a user is attempting to add a Flight in their Timesheets, however the AC Rego list is empty.


This issue occurs when a user has not been endorsed on any Aircraft Types in their profile. To enter a flight against a specific Aircraft Registration, you need to be endorsed on that specific type.

Follow the steps below to endorse a Pilot / Crewmen on an Aircraft Type:

  1. Navigate to the users profile page and click on Endorsements from the left hand side menu
  2. Click the Add Endorsement button to add a new Endorsement (see below):

  3. In the pane that appears on the right hand side, click Select Endorsement
    1. There are 3 options here, you can add the endorsement via the following:
      1. Select Company Operated Aircraft
      2. Search by Aircraft
      3. Search by Endorsement
  4. Select the endorsement and click Confirm (see below):

  5. If this item is not to be used for Type-Specific recency items, tick the Exclude From Recency option
  6. Click Save to confirm the endorsement
  7. To add multiple company endorsements at once, click the Bulk Add Endorsements button
    1. Note this will list all company aircraft types that are contained within the Aircraft Register
  8. Tick all relevant endorsements and click Add
  9. The AC Rego list in the Timesheets will now be populated with the relevant Aircraft Types